Define Your Difference. Find Your Voice.

Stackpole Brand Workshop

So you've decided it's time for a Stackpole Brand Workshopa unique and creative process for discovering what your brand truly stands for among your customers, prospects, employees and community at large.  And identifying where you'll need to take your brand to remain relevant and engaged with the banking customer of tomorrow. 

  • We'll engage your staff in fun and interactive workshop sessions to get them exploring all the dimensions of your brand and thinking about what your brand really means to your customers.
  • We'll survey your customers to gauge how your internal employee perceptions map with their day-to-day experiences with your bank, and how they think you stack up to the competition.
  • We'll get out on the town for one-on-one interviews with community members to learn what's important to them, and how your FI can impact them in meaningful ways. 

You'll be left thinking about your brand in ways you've never thought of before, and seeing your brand through a whole new lens.   

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